Writer, Performer, Curator

Brittany Ambree Williams aka B.A. Williams is a queer writer and performer from East Long Beach, CA. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing and is currently working on a novel-length manuscript and poetry collection. When she isn't writing or performing she is developing a platform that seeks to uplift communities of color, redefine “otherness,” and distribute intersectionality with various modes of art. B.A. co-curate and hosts un::fade:: able - the requiem of Sandra Bland. She is the content manager for LovedBy.Her, a digital storytelling platform that showcases Black queer love. Her poetry and prose focus on all things "other" with a heavy emphasis on Blackness, womanhood, and queerness. Her work is featured in Rigorous Magazine, Every-Other Broadsides, The Rumpus and The New York Times Parenting.

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